Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NBC: Tax Day Tea Parties Haven’t Really “Caught On”

Uh, right.

NBC - one of the networks that has virtually ignored the Tax Day Tea Party protests against taxation and government spending - finally mentioned it on “Today” April 15.

The network’s chief White House correspondent, Chuck Todd tacked his criticism on to the end of a glowing report about President Obama’s economic speech from April 14. He cited “White House aides” who called Obama’s speech “a modern-day fireside chat,” but Todd said “it also had the feel of an economics class.”

After such positive remarks about Obama, Todd dismissed the grassroots movement as “so-called tea parties.”

Todd said, “Republicans, meanwhile, are struggling to make use of the day politically. There’s been some grassroots conservatives who have organized so-called ‘tea parties’ around the company-country hoping the historical reference will help galvanize Americans against the president’s economic ideas.”

He continued to write off the protests saying: “But I tell you, the idea hasn’t really caught on. The RNC has jumped in. A few other radio hosts have jumped in but it hasn’t galvanized the party the way they would hope.”

There are only protests happening in 800 cities nationally. Only a hundred or so tea parties, attended by tens of thousands, have happened already.

Yeah. They haven’t really caught on.

Actually, sarcasm aside, these tea parties have caught on in a bigger way than the anti-war protests did. Or the illegal immigration protests did. Or the gay rights marches did. Those protests might have happened at dozens of places around the country, and attracted hundreds of thousands, but the tax day protests will have hundreds of thousands of attendees as well. And they’re going to be a lot more widespread than the anti-war protests ever were.

800 cities across the nation.

Whether the liberals like it or not, this is now officially an uprising.

And by the way, this isn’t a Republican event. I wish Republicans were at a point where they could inspire this kind of an uprising, but the reality is that the Republicans are still lost in the wilderness.

Rob - Say Anything Blog