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Gore Vidal: Obama "Too Intelligent" for America, Admits He Wanted to Murder Bush

MWH Airlines..

Obama Upset With Commoners For Criticizing His $74,000 Date Night

The elitist in the White House is upset with the commoners for criticizing his £45,000 ($74,000) date night in New York City during the worst recession since the Great Depression .

The Daily Mail reported that Obama’s date night in New York City cost £45,000.

The Daily Mail reported:

That’s for three private jets, two helicopter rides, extra planes for security and closing roads for motorcade

It was a campaign pledge that Barack Obama didn’t dare break – a promise to take his wife out for dinner and a show once the election was over.

So on the weekend he booked a babysitter, asked Michelle to put on a little black dress and swept her off for a date…

The romantic jaunt is estimated to have cost the taxpayer more than £45,000 in transport and security costs – because the date was in New York.

The President used three planes, one to carry the couple and two to ferry aides and reporters all the way from Washington.
The cost of each flight was thought to be nearly £15,000.

The bill was pushed even higher with the use of two helicopters, one to take the Obamas to catch their plane in Washington and another to zip the party into Manhattan from JFK airport.

And, it seems like it was just yesterday that Barack Obama was telling us that everyone was going to have to sacrifice for the greater good.
Well… Some of us have to sacrifice anyway.

Democrat Donors Awarded with White House Perks

Just as with Clinton, now with Obama. From the Washington Times:

During his first nine months in office, President Obama has quietly rewarded scores of top Democratic donors with VIP access to the White House, private briefings with administration advisers and invitations to important speeches and town-hall meetings.

High-dollar fundraisers have been promised access to senior White House officials in exchange for pledges to donate $30,400 personally or to bundle $300,000 in contributions ahead of the 2010 midterm elections, according to internal Democratic National Committee documents obtained by The Washington Times.

One top donor described in an interview with The Times being given a birthday visit to the Oval Office. Another was allowed use of a White House-complex bowling alley for his family. Bundlers closest to the president were invited to watch a movie in the red-walled theater in the basement of the presidential mansion.


Presidential aides said there has been no systematic effort to use the White House complex to aid fundraising, though they acknowledge the DNC has paid for some events at the presidential mansion.

Same game, different suit.

by Dana Loesch -

Desecrating the flag for health care

Two days ago, this email was received from Natalie Foster, New Media Director for Organizing for America:

We just finished going through the submissions to OFA’s Health Reform Video Challenge, and they’re great. There are personal stories that grab your heart, brilliant summaries of what reform would really mean, and plenty of biting satire that calls out the insurance lobbyists.

Out of nearly a thousand excellent videos submitted, we’re down to the top 20. Now it’s your turn to watch the finalists and vote for your favorites — and then we’ll air the winner on national television.

Here is one of those “great” videos –

If you think, as I do, that this video would have a negative impact on the future of ObamaCare legislation, please go to OFA and vote for it. Maybe American will see (once again) how the people running our country feel about the icons and symbols that so many others of us respect and revere.

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Of Course. Michelle Obama Wins Woman of Year Award From Glamour Mag

Well if Barack can win a Men’s Health Award for “Top Fittest Male” (while smoking), a Grammy for spoken word, and a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing…
Then it’s only fair that Michelle takes home a prize or two as well.

Glamour Magazine features First Lady Michelle Obama on the cover of their Women of the Year issue that pays tribute to courageous and inspiring women who are changing the world.

We wouldn’t want Michelle to get upset now, would we?

Reuters reported, via Free Republic.

First Lady Michelle Obama has demonstrated a commitment to helping the next generation of girls expand their horizons and providing them with the information and inspiration to envision themselves as the leaders of tomorrow.

Glamour celebrates her for bringing the importance of mentoring to the national forefront with events that connect young girls from around the country with women leaders from business, government, sports, science, academia, the arts and philanthropy. Mrs. Obama enlisted women in the administration to mentor girls in the community.

Mrs. Obama was photographed by Matthias Vriens-McGrath for one of five celebratory Women of the Year covers. For the profile inside, she is pictured alongside seven White House East Wing interns. Mrs. Obama salutes the 11 inspiring Women of the Year winners who are also featured in Glamour’s special December issue, on newsstands November 10.

“I am delighted to join in celebrating the Glamour Women of the Year,” said Mrs. Obama. “The women honored in this issue are changing the world for young girls around the world by removing obstacles, opening doors, and reaching back and extending a hand to the next generation of women leaders. They are role models for us all.”

In under a year, Michelle Obama has transformed the role of First Lady, throwing open the doors of the White House to families and to children,” says Cindi Leive, Glamour editor-in-chief. “That alone earns her icon status – but we were especially moved by her determination to show girls the power of believing in themselves and their dreams.”

Because, of course, Michelle Obama is the first First Lady to open the White House to children.

Obamacare behind closed doors

Here’s a good video summation of one of this year’s resounding lietmotifs: Obama lied, transparency died.

Lib Talker Defends Obama’s Dismal Afghan Record By Claiming Cheney Eats Babies

Hey… If you don’t have a good argument just accuse the other side of eating babies.

Following in the footsteps of Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson who accused Cheney of having blood dripping from his teeth when he talks, liberal talk radio host Mike Malloy accused Dick Cheney of eating “Jewish and Muslim babies.”

How exactly is it that Former VP Dick Cheney is responsible for Obama’s failures in Afghanistan? Listen as Mike Malloy melts down in anger accusing Cheney of “eating babies”.
The Radio Equalizer reported this:

As President Obama continued to dither and waffle October became the deadliest month for the US in the Afghan War.
…But Cheney eats babies.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obama ties George W. Bush on golf

President Obama has already hit the links as much as President Bush did in over two years.

President Barack Obama has only been in office for just over nine months, but he's already hit the links as much as President Bush did in over two years.

CBS' Mark Knoller — an unofficial documentarian and statistician of all things White House-related — wrote on his Twitter feed that, "Today - Obama ties Pres. Bush in the number of rounds of golf played in office: 24.

Took Bush 2 yrs & 10 months."



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White House Bans FOX News from Press Pool Interview

Hugo Chavez would be proud–
The White House banned FOX News today from interviewing the Pay Czar along with the other four major state-run media outlets. FOX News has been a member of the five network rotation since 1997. Surprisingly, the Washington bureau chiefs of the five TV news networks reporters stepped in an agreed to skip the interview if FOX was not allowed to attend.

FOX News reported:

But remember… Barack Obama is a moderate.

Obama Won’t Apologize For Attacks On FOX News – Claims He Doesn’t Lose Sleep Over It

Last night President Obama refused to apologize for his administration’s petty attacks against FOX News.
He said its not something he loses any sleep over.

Do you believe that?

Earlier this week Obama spent two and a half hours with two far left reporters from MSNBC and three reporters from the far left The New York Times to strategize about controlling the president’s image and message.
Bill O’Reilly told the his audience last night that, “Obama is fighting harder against FOX News than he is the Taliban.”

O’Reilly’s right. Its time for president Obama to start focusing on creating jobs and winning against the terrorists instead of attacking his few opponents in the media.


White House Emails MSNBC During Broadcast to Correct Them

“The White House did just e-mail saying that interaction with Jake Tapper was not heated.”
White House emails directions to MSNBC…

The Obama White House emailed MSNBC during a live broadcast to “correct” them on their coverage of the administration’s attacks on FOX News.

It was nice of MSNBC to admit that they were taking direction from the White House. It’s not like it was a secret.

So when can we expect the White House to call the Glenn Beck hotline guy sporting the Mao outfit?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Obama Mural Defaced: “Yes we can… Lose our freedom.”

HOUSTON - The mural of President Barack Obama has been on the side of a Midtown building since the Democratic primary, when the president was a U.S. Senator, and the building served as his Houston Campaign headquarters.

Over the weekend someone painted "puppet" on his mural, and the statement "yes we can" now has the statement "loose our freedom" painted next to it.

"This was done in broad daylight, and it just and kind of defaced a pretty good memorial," said Gerry McGee who works in the building where the mural is located.

The building is now the campaign headquarters for a mayoral candidate, and campaign worker Mcgee is pretty disappointed that someone vandalized a picture of the President. "We'll move on. This is not going to stop the movement. This is not going to stop the excitement that Obama has brought to the country," McGee said.

It's a mural that's seen tens of thousands of commuters every day.

Video here and here.

CNN Analyst: Obama Can Talk With Ahmadinejad But Not FOX News? Obama Afraid of FOX

Wealth redistribution watch: Cash for carts

The WSJ spotlights tax code affirmative action for golf club carts:

We thought cash for clunkers was the ultimate waste of taxpayer money, but as usual we were too optimistic. Thanks to the federal tax credit to buy high-mileage cars that was part of President Obama’s stimulus plan, Uncle Sam is now paying Americans to buy that great necessity of modern life, the golf cart.

The federal credit provides from $4,200 to $5,500 for the purchase of an electric vehicle, and when it is combined with similar incentive plans in many states the tax credits can pay for nearly the entire cost of a golf cart. Even in states that don’t have their own tax rebate plans, the federal credit is generous enough to pay for half or even two-thirds of the average sticker price of a cart, which is typically in the range of $8,000 to $10,000. “The purchase of some models could be absolutely free,” Roger Gaddis of Ada Electric Cars in Oklahoma said earlier this year. “Is that about the coolest thing you’ve ever heard?”

The golf-cart boom has followed an IRS ruling that golf carts qualify for the electric-car credit as long as they are also road worthy.

As always, clever opportunists are finding ways to exploit the program:

The IRS has also ruled that there’s no limit to how many electric cars an individual can buy, so some enterprising profiteers are stocking up on multiple carts while the federal credit lasts, in order to resell them at a profit later. We should note that some states, such as Oklahoma, have caught on to the giveaway and are debating whether to cancel or limit their state credits. But in Congress they’re still on the driving range.

This golf-cart fiasco perfectly illustrates tax policy in the age of Obama, when politicians dole out credits and loopholes for everything from plug-in cars to fuel efficient appliances, home insulation and vitamins.

You’ll recall that the porkulus bill incorporated a golf card stimulus as well.

How many more fiscal black holes to go?


You’re not legit if you don’t LOOOOOVE The Anointed One!

So the White House has doubled down on its war against Fox News.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week today, WH senior adviser David Axelrod had this to say:

“A lot of their news programming, it’s really not news. It’s pushing a point of view.”

On CNN’s State of the Union, Rahm Emanuel said:

“The way we — the president looks at it and we look at it, is, it is not a news organization so much as it has a perspective.”

All of this follows the remarks that started it all, from WH Communications Director (and fan of Mao Tse-Tung) Anita Dunn:

“As they are undertaking a war against Barack Obama and the White House, we don’t need to pretend that this is the way that legitimate news organizations behave.”

OK, Fox News has a right-leaning bias. Is the White House going to pretend that CNN and MSNBC don’t have a left-leaning bias? Is Fox News less of a legitimate news organization than CBS or ABC, both of whom devote only a few hours per week to news programming?

Of course, all of this is quite beside the point. The real issue is that Fox News dares to question and criticize The Anointed One, and we all know how well (not!) he handles being less-than-adored!

This is just more of the same from the same folks who play the Race Card against every American who doesn’t agree with them.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tea Party for Obama: A San Francisco treat

We chuckled the other day about the San Francisco Chronicle item on the White House angst over possible protests during President Obama’s visit yesterday.

Well, the protesters came out in full force — on the left AND the right.

The City Square has photos of the eclectic Tea Party — which won’t be featured on the White House photo gallery any time soon.

A few of my favorites:

I think it’s time for Tea Party protests in the D.C. offices of the NRCC and Newt Gingrich. How about you?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

White House Tells CNN They Are Punishing FOX News

The White House is upset that FOX News does not fall in line with the other networks.
They can't understand why FOX won't factcheck SNL skits like the other good networks.

White House Communications Chief Anita Dunn whined about FOX News... again... for 9 minutes today:

Dunn also admits that Obama was punishing FOX News by not going on the network.
It hasn't seemed to hurt their ratings much. FOX just claimed the top 10 cable news programs in in the 3rd quarter of 2009.

It's just too bad this White House cannot point out any specific inaccuracies aired by the network.

The White House also whined about FOX News this week in TIME Magazine.
Obama, of course, has received a record amount of positive coverage from the media this year.

EDITORIAL: A Nobel for nothing

The prize should go to somebody who deserves it

The news Friday that President Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was met with widespread incredulity and skepticism. "For what?" was the most uttered phrase of the day. The almost universal sense of disbelief was reinforced when word spread that the deadline for nominations had been Feb. 1, less than two weeks after Mr. Obama entered office. By rights, the nomination should have been diagnosed as a symptom of an extreme case of Obamamania and quietly discarded.

Certainly there have been less deserved awards of the Nobel Peace Prize, such as the 1994 award to Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat, or the 2007 nod to former Vice President Al Gore for his big, scary science-fiction movie. However, Mr. Obama stands out as history's only recipient who even the Nobel Committee admitted won more for what he hopes to do than anything substantive he actually has done.

Mr. Obama stands on the shoulders of giants. Other presidents who have won the award - Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter - received recognition for concluding major peace agreements. Comparison to major human rights champions such as South Africa's Nelson Mandela, Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi and India's Mother Teresa diminish Mr. Obama even further. A record 205 nominees were considered for the 2009 prize, among them Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, who has risked more, suffered more and done more for peace than Mr. Obama, and the Cluster Munitions Coalition, which was nominated for persuading nearly 100 countries to sign a multilateral treaty banning cluster bombs. We await a similar success from our president.

This award was so disproportionate to Mr. Obama's achievements that it weakens him; it casts a glaring spotlight on his utter lack of accomplishments. The timing is awkward, coming on the heels of Mr. Obama's embarrassing failure to bring home Chicago's 2016 Olympics bid and coinciding with tense debate over the escalation of the war effort in Afghanistan. The White House lamely spun the award as a "call to action," but this message ironically reinforces the sense that Mr. Obama has been largely inactive in office.

The president should decline the award in favor of a more deserving recipient. That would show leadership and strength of character. It also would demonstrate faith in himself and his presidency that some day he actually will do something worthy of the award. There is more to making history than simply voting present.



Friday, October 9, 2009

More Awards For Barack Obama Still To Come....

If the world was stunned to learn that President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, it will be even more amazed by all the awards that are still coming his way.

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient....

John Bolton Weighs in on the Nobel Prize For Hope & Change

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton talks about the trend of the Nobel committee in recent years to cheerlead for the left.

Via HotAir

Obama can add this to his Men's Health Award for "Top Fittest Male" (while smoking) and his Grammy for spoken word.

The Nobel Committee Dishonors Itself

Even CNN was shocked. Even the Obama White House was shocked.

“Only nine months into his presidency,” reported a baffled CNN news anchor this morning. “President Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. The announcement made jaws drop even at the White House.”

When I first heard the news, I thought it was a joke.

The announcement from the Nobel Committee defies belief, even as I’ve come to expect the inconceivable from the committee. I learned long ago not to take the Nobel Committee seriously. And yet, this gesture far exceeds any previous towering leap of incredulity by the committee.

To be sure, I knew the Nobel Committee would at some point award Barack Obama its hallowed prize. That was a given. But right now, only nine months into Obama’s presidency, when Obama himself would surely agree that he cannot name a single foreign-policy accomplishment?

Actually, the situation is worse than that: According to news reports, nominations took place eight months ago, only weeks into Obama’s presidency.

How could that be? Does this make any sense at all?

It does when you consider what the Nobel Committee has become, and how it operates according to leftist political objectives. The committee has honored Barack Obama in order to make a political statement in support and encouragement of his foreign policy. The committee knows that its award has nothing to do with the absent foreign-policy accomplishments of a presidency not even a year old, or a diplomatic record that doesn’t exist. Its purpose is to help Obama pursue the kind of foreign policy favored by the leftists who run the Nobel Committee.

The European-globalists on the committee agree fully with the leaders who heaped praise on Obama during the U.N. circus two weeks ago. They agree with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez that Obama has brought “hope” to the world. They agree with Fidel Castro’s hailing Obama’s lead on “climate change.” They agree with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Obama agrees with him on America’s past “ugly behavior.” Like Moammar Kaddafi, they wish Obama could be president “forever.”

This award is not a statement on what Obama has done but a rubber-stamp approval of his plans for America and the world. The committee wants to lend cover to Obama as he pursues a global course opposed by conservative Republicans back home and his generals and commanders abroad. To be sure, this is the kind of meddling in domestic politics that the Nobel Committee usually decries.

That said, I’m actually quite pleased with this action. Why? Because it further undermines the credibility of the Nobel Committee as an allegedly impartial organization. This further shows that the group is inherently political and unabashedly left-wing. In other words, this gesture has the noble effect of exposing the ignoble Nobel Committee for what it really is.

I would like to offer two quick examples from the very recent past:

In 2002, the Nobel Committee awarded President Jimmy Carter. Personally, I long supported recognizing Carter for negotiating the Camp David Accords, which was a great accomplishment in an otherwise disastrous presidency. And yet, the Nobel Committee waited over two decades to give Carter the prize. It awaited the presidency of George W. Bush, whose foreign policy these liberal Europeans doggedly opposed, as did a very vocal Jimmy Carter.

The committee’s decision to finally commend Carter was motivated in large part by its desire to make a statement against Bush. It was a crass political move by the shamelessly partisan committee. It put a dark cloud over Carter’s recognition; it stained the prize.

One more example: A decade before Carter, the Nobel Committee honored Mikhail Gorbachev.

Here, too, I think Gorbachev deserves accolades. I’m a conservative who credits Gorbachev for helping to peacefully end the Cold War. Unfortunately, the committee should have given Ronald Reagan a share in that prize. Instead, the committee specifically thanked Gorbachev for taking down the Berlin Wall, an action that Gorbachev had explicitly opposed from the outset—thus prompting Reagan’s Brandenburg Gate speech. What a farce.

And now, in 2009, once again, the Nobel Committee has honored a leader in a blatantly political way—and in a way that dishonors itself.

Frankly, Obama supporters should be angry. This award, based on transparent political interests, will not be taken seriously. Had the Nobel Committee done this later, Obama’s advocates would have something to applaud.

Instead, they will find themselves trying to defend the nonsensical—or, at least, the left-wing nonsense of the Nobel Committee.

by Dr. Paul Kengor -

The Audacity of the Nobel Committee

The sound you could hear this morning was of heads being scratched around the world.

Very quickly, the Nobel Committee found itself having not just to explain its choice of President Barack Obama for the Peace Prize, but to defend it.

There have been controversial selections before, but rarely one that caused this much puzzlement.

Yes, as the committee said, President Obama had changed the tone of American diplomacy, particularly in contrast to the Bush years. As more than one commentator had put it, the Bush/Cheney administration had used diplomacy as a last resort.

Now, the committee said, there was an American president who wanted to talk about Middle East peace, about reducing nuclear arsenals, about Iranian uranium enrichment, about climate change.

But to give him the most prestigious prize in the world for merely the aspirations of policy rather than for any results seemed unprecedented.

In the past, as encouragement, the Nobel Prize had be awarded to personalities who were in the midst of campaigns deemed to be desirable but which had not yet been successful. There had even been awards to people many thought shouldn't have received it — Henry Kissinger in 1973 for negotiating a cease-fire in Vietnam comes to mind. (His North Vietnamese counterpart, Le Duc Tho, declined the honor.)

But it's the timing of this award that has caused such wonder. It's not just that it is only nine months or so into the Obama administration, at a time when, however many initiatives there are, there is not yet much to show for them. It's the fact that the nominations for the award actually went in last February when Mr. Obama had barely been in office a month.

In announcing the award, the Nobel committee said, "Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future." But others have wondered if hope is enough. Certainly there was audacity in this selection.

Next: Help Obama win the Heisman Trophy!

From a reader:

I just went to this link and, in the "Type your nominee here!" field, entered "Barack Obama." The winner of this Nissan-sponsored promotion will actually receive one official vote for the Heisman award as sort of the people's choice.

You can actually go back and vote once each day between now and the Heisman award in December.

By: David Freddoso -

Darrell Issa: Let's Give Obama an ESPY for Pickup B-Ball, Too!

Rep. Darrell Issa congratulates the president:

You've gotta love it.

Darrell is talking about this pickup game:

Sorry Darrell, the Nobel Prize is only awarded for good intentions.
Not actual accomplishments.

UPDATE: Help Obama win the Heisman Trophy!

Joe Scarborough Cackles at News That Obama Won Peace Prize (Video) ...Update: White House to Joe- "Quit Being an A-hole"

Too funny! Obama wins the peace prize on the same day we bombed the moon.
Scarborough cracks up--

The White House didn't get the joke.
Mediaite reported: According to Savannah Guthrie, the White House agrees. A senior administration official sent her an email that said Scarborough should “stop being an a$$hole.”

DNC humor czar condemns Nobel Prize jokes

The Twitter hashtag of the day is #nobelol — for Twitter users from the left, right, and center laughing out loud at Barack Obama’s receipt of a Nobel Peace Prize he himself says he doesn’t deserve.

There’s already a bumper sticker via College Politico:

The worldwide derision has a Democratic National Committee flack comparing jokesters to…terrorists:

“The Republican Party has thrown in its lot with the terrorists – the Taliban and Hamas this morning – in criticizing the President for receiving the Nobel Peace prize,” DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse told POLITICO. “Republicans cheered when America failed to land the Olympics and now they are criticizing the President of the United States for receiving the Nobel Peace prize – an award he did not seek but that is nonetheless an honor in which every American can take great pride – unless of course you are the Republican Party.


Ed Morrissey notes the many decidedly un-Republican public figures joining the snort-fest.

DNC, meet Emily Litella:

Best Rush Limbaugh quip: “I don’t believe this! He’s not only the first post-racial president, he’s also the first post-accomplishment.”


Obama’s lesson to children: Success is 99 percent aspiration and 1 percent perspiration.

"Peacemaker" Obama Wins Nobel Prize For Sweet Talk ...Update: Obama Bombs Moon

UNREAL... For What?
Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize.

"Very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future," the committee said in a citation.

He turned his back on the Iranian freedom protesters:

He's allowed the Taliban killers back into the government:

He's sided with Marxists Castro, Chavez, Morales and Ortega against the democratic Honduran government of Roberto Micheletti.

Obama's bankrupted the US economy and destroyed the morale of our military.
No wonder he was awarded the Nobel.

Meanwhile... George W. Bush liberated 50 million people from two of the most violent regimes in history and brought democracy to the Middle East and what did he get?...
Spit on.

UPDATE: The state-run media is even stunned.

UPDATE 2: The New York Daily News says, "In one fell swoop, the Nobel Prize jury just made a mockery of the world's most revered honor."

That's about right.

UPDATE 3: The Obama peace prize comes on the same day that the US bombed the moon.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

US Budget Deficit TRIPLES Under Obama & Democrats-- Media Silent

Thanks Barack. This didn't get much press for some reason but Obama and democrats spent billions this year on their failed stimulus plan and set all kinds of spending records along the way.

The US budget deficit tripled in Obama's first year in office.
The unemployment rate nearly doubled.
FOX News reported.

The federal budget deficit tripled to a record $1.4 trillion for the 2009 fiscal year that ended last week, congressional analysts said Wednesday.

The Congressional Budget Office estimate, while expected, is bad news for the White House and its allies in Congress as they press ahead with health care overhaul legislation that could cost $900 billion over the next decade.

The unprecedented flood of red ink flows from several factors, including a big drop in tax revenues due to the recession, $245 billion in emergency spending on the Wall Street bailout and the takeover of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Then there is almost $200 billion in costs from President Obama's economic stimulus bill, as well as increases in programs such as unemployment benefits and food stamps.

The previous record deficit was $459 billion and was set just last year.
Hey, here's an idea...
Let's give them health care, too!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Axelrod Meets With Roger Ailes to Complain About FOX News

Oh brother. Out of the record positive press coverage the president receives there's one news organization that actually fact-checks the disaster in the White House.

But, that's one network too many.
Sound familiar?
The Politico reported:

At a time of tension between their organizations, White House senior adviser David Axelrod met with Fox News chairman and chief executive officer Roger Ailes two weeks ago, sources tell POLITICO.

The two met privately in Manhattan during the president’s visit to the United Nations.

The two discussed news coverage and the relationship between the organizations.

An FNC spokesperson tells POLITICO that Ailes and Axelrod had a “cordial conversation” over coffee while the president was in town.

Ailes is the founder of Fox News. A key part of Axelrod’s portfolio is the president’s image and broad message.

White House officials have expressed pique with what they consider heavy coverage of Obama critics by opinion shows on the news channel.

Obama aides showed their displeasure by omitting “Fox News Sunday” when the president granted interviews last month to the other Sunday shows.
Goodness, we sure wouldn't want a network to report on the communists in the White House now would we?

Indoctrination Watch: Obama school praise hymn of the day

Take a look at the Obama worship song that students at Longfellow Elementary in Howard County, MD were assigned to memorize last week, according to Red Maryland’s Brian Griffiths:

Hello Mr. (REMOVED),
The words to the song are below.
Thank you!
Laurel Marsh

President Obama,
President Obama,
President Obama,
President Obama--He says
Yes we can!
President Obama--We say
Yes we can!
President Obama--I say
Yes I can!
President Obama--He says
Yes we can!
Barack Obama--Oh yes he rates,
The first Black President in the United States!
He's smart and he's--so so good!
He'll lead this country as he should!
He wants us all to work together,
To make this country even better!
Prez' Obama says--"Yes We Can!"
Make the US better--hand in hand!
President Obama,
President Obama,
President Obama


Laurel Marsh
Assistant Principal
Longfellow Elementary

Halloween came early to the White House

Another Kabuki moment brought to you by the Obama theatrical troupe, via the NYPost:

President Obama yesterday rolled out the red carpet — and handed out doctors’ white coats as well, just so nobody missed his hard-sell health-care message.

In a heavy-handed attempt at reviving support for health-care reform, the White House orchestrated a massive photo op to buttress its claim that front-line physicians support Obama.

A sea of 150 white-coated doctors, all enthusiastically supportive of the president and representing all 50 states, looked as if they were at a costume party as they posed in the Rose Garden before hearing Obama’s pitch for the Democratic overhaul bills moving through Congress.

The physicians, all invited guests, were told to bring their white lab coats to make sure that TV cameras captured the image.

But some docs apparently forgot, failing to meet the White House dress code by showing up in business suits or dresses.

So the White House rustled up white coats for them and handed them to the suited physicians who had taken seats in the sun-splashed lawn area.

All this to provide a visual counter to complaints from other doctors that pending legislation is bad news for the medical profession.

Obamacare has been attracting dubious doctors and dangerous posers all year.


Check out the Senate Doctors Show. They don’t need to play dress up.

OOPS! A crowd of 150 doctors gathers in the Rose Garden to support the health-care overhaul -- as White House staffers scramble to hand out camera-ready white coats to those who forgot their own.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sure It Will... Obama Tells America Nationalizing Health Care Will Create Jobs Too

Yeah right... Just like his stimulus bill did.
Barack Obama told America that if his $787 billion stimulus bill was passed the unemployment rate would stay under 8%.
...Maybe he meant 9.8%?

President Barack Obama tried to make the case today in his weekly address that his nationalized health care plan would create jobs by making small business startups more affordable.

He thinks his latest anti-capitalist plan will actually make small business startups more affordable?

Now, how does that saying go again?
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...
Hat Tip Mike B.

Tall tale of the day: The First Lady’s weird Olympic memory

From Michelle Obama’s failed pitch to the International Olympic Committee:

“Some of my best memories are sitting on my dad’s lap, cheering on Olga and Nadia, Carl Lewis, and others for their brilliance and perfection.”

Um. Ew. Oof.

Mrs. Obama was 20 years old when Lewis first competed in the Olympics in 1984.

Senior White House adviser and Chicago slumlord overseer Valerie Jarrett promised earlier this week that “there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the room” after FLOTUS spoke.

She probably wasn’t expecting tears of…laughter.

Mrs. O is looking more and more like Mrs. Clinton every day.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Brazilians goof on Obama: “Yes We Créu”

Heh-heh. Brazilians are having fun popping Barack Obama’s bubble. Here’s your second Twitpic of the day:

“Yes We Créu” is now the hottest trending topic on Twitter.

Best of all? The Obama-bots can’t cry “RAAAAAAACIST!”


Here at home, the nutroots are hysterically attacking Olympics bid critics as, you guessed it, “un-American.”

To which I say: What do you have against people of color in a developing nation on a continent that has never hosted the Olympics?

The diminishing power of the other O

The Obamas weren’t the only big losers today. No happy dance for FLOTUS “chit-chat buddy” Oprah.

Better luck next time:

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OBAMA FAILS... Chicago Nixed From Olympic Pick ...Update: CNN in Shock (Video) ...Update: Rio Gets Nod ...Update: It's Bush's Fault

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It's too bad ACORN doesn't work with the IOC...
EPIC FAIL-- Windy City Blown Over

It looks like he wasn't the one they'd been waiting for. His personal story could not win over the judges.

Chicago will not host the 2016 Olympic Games.
Chi-Town was eliminated in the first round of voting.

Drudge headlines- "The Ego Has Landed"

It's a good thing he's a democrat or the state-run media would have a field day with him.

But, President Obama did meet with his top Afghanistan Commander while in Denmark for 25 minutes aboard Air Force One.

Poor Barack. That flight back to DC won't be much fun. Maybe he'll focus on the record unemployment rate now.

UPDATE: CNN in utter disbelief after Chicago went down in the first round--

UPDATE 2: Axelrod spins the news-- Says Obama will go anywhere to promote the country... Except when he bashes it.

UPDATE 3: Rio De Janeiro gets the nod.
Contgratulations Brazil!

UPDATE 4: The Times Online piles on:
"Obama’s Olympic failure will only add to doubts about his presidency"


UPDATE 5: You knew this was coming-- It's Bush's fault.


The libs are in total meltdown after the Dream-Team was snubbed by the IOC in Denmark today.
And, of course, it's all Bush's fault.
CMR reported:

Senator Rowland Burris of Illinois, the Senator who was appointed to fill President Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat, blames George Bush for Chicago not getting the Olympics in 2016. Burris stated in an interview, shortly after the announcement, that the image of the U. S. has been so tarnished in the last 8 years that, even Barack Obama making an unprecedented pitch for the games could not overcome the hatred the world has for us as a result of George Bush. Wow! When will the Democrats in Congress ever get off this “Blame Bush” syndrome. Burris even went on to say that this is just another way Bush is now hurting Chicago. Yes blame Bush, don’t mind all the crime and corruption that has come out of Illinois over the last year. This “Blame Bush” strategy is getting pretty old.
Burris was not the only one.
Swimmer Rowdy Gaines also blamed Bush after the rejection.

Legal Insurrection has more on today's crazy Bush-bashing.