Monday, May 11, 2009

What Isn't History? CBS Hypes 'Unprecedented Presidential Burger Run'

Here's the definition of overdoing the Obama hype. On Wednesday, CBS's Early Show treated the story of Barack Obama and Joe Biden being driven over to Arlington for a hamburger as two all-beef patties and special sauce of history. Co-host Maggie Rodriguez actually said: "Coming up next, call it the ultimate power lunch. An unprecedented presidential burger run when we return."

"Unprecedented presidential burger run?" First of all, did CBS do a quarter-pound of research on presidential burger runs before making that claim? Secondly, if a burger run is the stuff of history, what trivial events in Obama's day won't they exaggerate?

Later in the first half hour, Rodriguez and co-host Harry Smith actually sat down to eat versions of the Obama-Biden vittles from Ray's Hell Burger sent to them from Arlington so they could ooze over the story some more.