Monday, August 3, 2009

Remember When Obama Said That If We Passed The “Stimulus” Spending Spree Caterpillar Would Re-Hire?

This is what Obama said back in April:

President Barack Obama, campaigning to cast his economic plan in terms of real jobs and families, said Wednesday that machinery giant Caterpillar Inc. plans to rehire some of its laid-off workers if Congress approves a sweeping stimulus bill.

The president sought to offer a clear example of how the legislation would help as House and Senate negotiators reached for a final deal with the White House, trimming the emerging legislation down to below $800 billion. That’s still an enormous package, targeted at an economy that continues to bleed jobs.

Today, however, Caterpillar said that the employees they’ve laid off won’t ever be re-hired:

For the first time since it began massive layoffs eight months ago, Caterpillar Inc. on Friday acknowledged publicly that some of its workers now laid off will not be called back.

In a video message to workers on indefinite layoff, the second such quarterly message produced by the company, Sid Banwart, vice president for human services, said that is “the reality” of the situation at Caterpillar.

While many have believed that to be the case since indefinite layoffs began last December, it’s the first time an official with a rank of vice president or higher has said it publicly, acknowledged company spokesman Jim Dugan.

Meanwhile, today Obama has been saying that the economic recovery to date has been “measurably better than expected.”

The moral of the story? Obama just says whatever sounds good.

By Rob - Sayanythingblog