Monday, October 19, 2009

Obama Mural Defaced: “Yes we can… Lose our freedom.”

HOUSTON - The mural of President Barack Obama has been on the side of a Midtown building since the Democratic primary, when the president was a U.S. Senator, and the building served as his Houston Campaign headquarters.

Over the weekend someone painted "puppet" on his mural, and the statement "yes we can" now has the statement "loose our freedom" painted next to it.

"This was done in broad daylight, and it just and kind of defaced a pretty good memorial," said Gerry McGee who works in the building where the mural is located.

The building is now the campaign headquarters for a mayoral candidate, and campaign worker Mcgee is pretty disappointed that someone vandalized a picture of the President. "We'll move on. This is not going to stop the movement. This is not going to stop the excitement that Obama has brought to the country," McGee said.

It's a mural that's seen tens of thousands of commuters every day.

Video here and here.