Sunday, May 16, 2010

Obama Derides Finger Pointing, Except When He Does It

I got a chuckle out of this article about Obama scolding oil industry executives for “finger pointing.”

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama on Friday angrily decried the “ridiculous spectacle” of oil industry officials pointing fingers of blame for the catastrophic spill in the Gulf of Mexico and said the accident could bring devastation to the region and its economy.

The president also pledged to end a “cozy relationship” between the oil industry and federal regulators that he said had existed for years and into his own administration.

Apparently neither Obama nor his handlers saw the irony of accusing oil industry executives of “finger pointing” the day after Obama accused Republicans of “sitting on the sidelines” during the recession and, once again, blamed Bush for his own deficit spending.

Whatever you may think of oil executives and their culpability in the gulf oil spill (and I’d note that despite the “cozy relationship” with federal regulators Obama suggests, oil spills have been going down in number and amount for 40 years), there’s no denying that our President is a flaming hypocrite.