Monday, September 20, 2010

Obama Supporter Slams President at Town Hall: “Quite Frankly, I’m Exhausted. I’m Tired of Defending You.”

This wasn’t supposed to happen. How was this woman able to sneak past the Obama town hall stagers?

An Obama supporter blasted the president today at a town hall event in Washington.
The supporter told Obama:
“Frankly, I’m exhausted. I’m tired of defending you… My husband and I thought we were beyond the hot dog and beans of our lives.

CNBC sponsored the town hall today but “forgot” to mention the testy exchange in their report for some strange reason. Imagine that?


Conservative Behemoth said...

Want to know how she got past the screeners? SHE'S BLACK! Let's face it. The Dems will make a snap judgement on a person in a heartbeat based on race. Know what you call that? A RACIST! I'm glad to see that some black people are finally waking up. I do find it funny that she claims to be the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for some government agency. She probably doesn't do jack s**t all day. I mean, just how well do government agencies manage their money and to what standards do they hold? No a damn one, I guarantee it. I will tell you one thing though. When people like this woman who were Obama's base 2 years ago start turning on him, the end for that poser ain't far away.