Saturday, August 20, 2011

Despite Promise To Stop, Obama Administration Still Issuing Obamacare Waivers

And why not? After all, the President clearly doesn’t feel like he’s governing a constitutional republic. He’s instituting laws now without Congress, as though he were an elected monarch, so why not pick and choose who the laws passed by Congress will apply to as well?

Of course, the Obama administration promised to stop…in September (conveniently right before Congress re-convenes) so I guess these new waivers aren’t technically a broken promise.

The Obama administration granted another 106 waivers last month from part of the healthcare reform law — the first round of three-year waivers the Health and Human Services Department has approved.

The new approvals bring the total number of waivers to 1,472, according to HHS. Those figures cover waivers granted through the end of July. HHS will stop granting new waivers after September. …

The department announced it would cut off applications after September, but let companies that received one-year exemptions extend their waivers through 2014. The 106 waivers approved in July will last three years.

Obama apologists can certainly argue that these are only temporary waivers, and that all must be in compliance with the law by 2014, but that’s hardly an excuse. The law is the law, and the President doesn’t get to pick and choose who it applies to. A temporary waiver is no more legitimate than a permanent waiver.

If Obamacare were too stringent to be followed by these companies then the law should have been modified before passing. Or not passed at all. But that’s not the attitude Democrats too. They wanted to jam it through, and fix any problems later.