Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Liberal Hypocrisy: Democrats Using Mobile Billboard To Bash Rush Limbaugh

A billboard. Mounted on the back of a big truck.

So while Obama and the rest of the liberals tell us that we can’t have our thermostats set where we want, that our cars have to be a certain color, that we can’t just use any sort of dish soap we want, that we can only use special types of light bulbs and that we have to sit in the dark for an hour all in the name of global warming and saving the environment they’re driving a big, gas-guzzling truck around for no other reason than show off a billboard they made. And not only drive it around in a certain area, but apparently transport it around the country too. So that it can be driven around even more.

No word on what the carbon footprint of that is.

Hypocrites? You betcha.