Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Media Tries to Rescue Michelle O From Spanish Escapade; Insists She Was Mourning With a Friend

Honestly, is there nothing these corrupt cranks in the media will not do to bail out the radical Pelosi-Obama regime from disaster after disaster?

Last week the nation was outraged after it was revealed that Michelle Obama was spending over $300,000 of taxpayer money on her extravagant Spanish vacation.

After a few days of plotting and planning the state-run media finally settled on an excuse. Now the media spin is that Queen Michelle really traveled to Spain to mourn the loss of a parent with a friend.

Really? Here’s Michelle mourning with the Spanish King Juan Carlos.

Here’s Michelle mourning while sight seeing in Ronda.

Michelle O even mourned during her shopping excursions.

Poor Michelle even had to mourn with her friends down at the beach.

It was a very somber trip for the First Lady…
At least that’s what the journolist state-run media wants you to believe.


As Michelle Returns From Spanish Extravaganza Obama Cuts Food Stamps to Nation’s Poor

As Michelle Obama returned home from her royal excursion to Spain which cost taxpayers $400,000, Barack Obama cut food stamps to the nation’s poor.

After all, he had to bailout unions so they could run ads against the GOP this fall.

The Examiner reported, via Free Republic:

Just as Michelle Obama returned from her much-criticized luxury vacation to Spain, which cost the U.S. taxpayers an estimated $400,000, her husband cut $11.9 billion from the Food Stamp program, designed to help the poorest Americans.

The cut, along with tax increases to businesses is supposed to pay for an aid package to several states, mostly to prevent the layoff of about 160,000 public school teachers and administrators.

Of course, the teachers’ unions are tremendous contributors to the Democratic Party, and were instrumental in putting Obama in office. The move is seen by many as a payback for their support.

What is so hypocritical is the fact that Obama made the cut in the Food Stamps program, while he expects the taxpayers to pick up the bill for the First Lady’s trip to Spain.

By the way, $400,000 would buy a lot of food stamps.