Friday, February 18, 2011

Alaska Gov. Parnell refuses to enact Obamacare law because it’ll “violate his oath”

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell declared that his state will not implement Obamacare overhaul after a judge in Florida struck down the law as unconstitutional.

Parnell recently asked his Attorney General to decipher whether it’ll be lawful for him as a governor to implement such an unconstitutional law. Yesterday, he decided that as Governor, it’ll be a violation of his oath, to implement Obamacare.

He told the Juneau Chamber of Commerce that Alaska will pursue lawful, market-based solutions to make insurance affordable and accessible to the people of Alaska. Since he calls the Florida judge’s ruling the law of the land (unlike a certain president), he will pursue other market-based solutions.

As you may know already, Alaska was one of 26 states that participated in the Florida lawsuit.

Governor Sean Parnell was on Greta’s show to discuss his decision.