Thursday, December 2, 2010

Obama’s Deficit Commission Concludes That Obamacare Adds Significantly To The Deficit

Remember that Obamacare’s alleged savings on government spending were a big selling point for Democrats when they were pushing the bill. Of course, any honest observer of that legislation knew the notion that Obamacare would actually reduce deficits, or even just be deficit neutral, was an absolute fairy tale. But now we have confirmation.

From Obama’s own deficit commission:

2) Health reform’s cost savings apparently were bogus. Remember how Democrats boasted that health reform would cut the budget deficit by $170 billion over the next decade and far more after that? The deficit commission must not have gotten that memo. It says health spending projections under the new law “count on large phantom savings” and the reform law’s new long-term care program that the report calls “unsustainable.” As a result, Congress will still need to enact “a number of other reforms to reduce federal health spending and slow the growth of health care costs more broadly.” …

5) Obama is a big spender. Although President Barack Obama has talked about fiscal discipline — and set up this deficit commission — his own budget plan would spend $350 billion more on so-called discretionary programs over the next decade than if the government were just left on autopilot, according to the report.

What’s ironic is that Senator Kent Conrad, who is even now touting the commissions final report and will no doubt vote for it tomorrow as a member of the commission, has told his constituents here in North Dakota repeatedly that Obamacare doesn’t add to the national debt. That it doesn’t create deficits. That, in fact, it may well reduce deficits.

Maybe now we can finally get hypocrites like Conrad to stop lying.