Tuesday, February 17, 2009

“Yes, we care!” Porkulus protesters holler back

Hundreds of taxpayers took time out of their busy day to protest President Obama’s “stimulus” bill-signing in Denver today. Jim Pfaff of Colorado Americans for Prosperity, Jon Caldara and the Independence Institute, former Rep. Tom Tancredo, and several GOP officials and state legislators spearheaded the event. Count us all among the “chattering classes” appalled at the massive pork and the short-circuited process that paved the way for the trillion-dollar Generational Theft Act.

By Michelle Malkin

Approximately 750 people showed up to the state capitol in Denver to say: “No More Pork!”.

(Not the same pig that was roasted)

Another Anti-Porkulus Protest in Seattle:

His supporters called it a “stimulus” bill, but no amount of lipstick on the pig will change it to be anything other than a massive spending bill, targeted at as many left-wing special interests as would fit in a thousand pages. It quickly became named the “Porkulus” bill.

Blogger Liberty Belle organized an anti-Porkulus protest in the heart of liberal Seattle. She’s not under any illusions that it will prevent Obama from signing the bill, but it is important that conservatives do some organizing in their community and push back against this and the other spending bills that are sure to follow. And it’s not just conservatives. Liberty Belle started off by emphasizing that this is an issue for everyone regardless of party. Last time I checked we are all stuck with the same economy regardless of political affiliation.

By Byron Dazey