Tuesday, July 7, 2009

37,000 at Dallas Tea Party — and next steps

I returned from the Dallas Tea Party this weekend inspired and motivated by the massive turnout of citizen activists. The official county estimate of the day-long event’s crowd: 37,000!

The Tea Party organizers aren’t surprised by the MSM games of lowballing numbers. And they are not letting it distract them from their agenda. Behind the scenes, they are mobilizing and organizing their troops; connecting political newcomers and old hands; and working hard down at the local level to restore conservative values and principles in their city councils and state legislatures. These efforts won’t make front-page headlines or the cable news. But they will yield dividends for all of us in the form of candidates, initiatives, and reforms driven by the grass-roots instead of the Beltway establishment.


Glenn Reynolds has terrific photos and round-up links to other Tea Party events here, here, and here.

Next step for Tea Party Patriots: A nationwide July 17 protest against the government health care takeover plans. Mark your calendars.