Sunday, July 12, 2009

CNN's Don Lemon Gets His "Unprecedented Obama Welcome" Shot Down

The CNN anchor in question, Don Lemon, wanted to gush about an unprecedented response to Obama’s visit to Africa, but he doesn’t get a lot of help from a reporter who is actually from Africa.

DON LEMON, ANCHOR CNN NEWSROOM: And Nkepile, I was watching you yesterday on the “Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer when President Obama was arriving, and they were doing the dancing, and all of the people who were running up to him. For a western leader, I know when presidents come over there, they are usually warmly received. But for a western leader, have you ever seen anything like this? Is this unprecedented?

NKEPILE MABUSE, CORRESPONDENT: It’s not unprecedented. When President Bush was here, you will remember, in February, there were people who were drumming, there were dances, and President Bush joined some of them. So, it’s not unprecedented. This is a truly African welcome that is given to anybody whether they are from Africa or anywhere else in the world, Don.

LEMON: So, they welcome everyone. It doesn’t matter. That’s just part of how the people do it, right?

MABUSE: Indeed, Don.

I like how he goes from talking about the “unprecedented” response to Obama to saying that “it doesn’t matter” when it’s pointed out that they reacted the same way to Bush.

By Rob - sayanythingblog